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Tuesday, Sep. 28, 2021
Today Is: Day 1
Levittown Public Schools
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Jonas E. Salk Guidance Department

Counseling Department

Maura O'Sullivan, Chairperson

Grade 6 - Michelle Lyons
Grade 7 - Michelle Steward and John Caulfield
Grade 8 - Meghann Hodge

Guidance Secretary - Mrs. Siegel

School Phone - (516) 434-7350

Students are welcome to see their Guidance Counselor during lunch or work study. Additionally, students can schedule an appointment for a later time/date by stopping by the Guidance Department. Students who are experiencing an emergency or crisis should speak to their teacher and request a pass to Guidance immediately.

About School Counseling

The Salk Guidance Department works with students and teachers to maximize each student's academic and personal development during their middle school years. Counselors coordinate with teachers and parents to help students recognize their needs, and then assist them in designing a specific plan of action to help them realize their full potential.

Specifically, the Guidance Department will:

  • Promote academic achievement for all students
  • Work with students to set personal goals
  • Be an advocate for student rights and responsibilities
  • Teach students to have respect for themselves and others
  • Provide directed counseling for at risk students

These goals will be accomplished through individual and small group counseling, consulting, classroom guidance, and coordinating with teachers and other related support staff.


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