Salk Clubs and Activities

Community Service

Many Salk students are involved in community service projects. Whether it is through their place of worship, scouts, community organization or family, the lessons taught by helping others are invaluable, and help to shape empathetic and caring individuals.

Anime Club

Students meet to discuss, learn about, draw, and view Anime and manga

Art Club

Students from all grades meet monthly to create art projects to take home or display in school

Buddies Club

This group is designed to nurture friendships between students. During this group, students will participate in a variety of games, arts and crafts and sport activities

Builders Club

Work with student population to help coordinate various fund-raising activities

Chamber Choir

An auditioned chorus club of students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade. Students in this club have independent singing skills and perform in the winter and spring concerts


Students learn how to play the game of chess.


Students participate daily in on-air broadcasts over the P.A. system.


Club fosters positive relationships and good character among students and promotes school spirit through RISE.


Students will learn to follow a recipe as well as cleanliness in the kitchen. They will also learn how to use certain kitchen utensils


Students will learn to follow a recipe as well as cleanliness in the kitchen. They will also learn how to use certain kitchen utensils

Early Bird Exercise

Open gym, student's have an opportunity to play a variety of indoor sports with their peers.

Fitness Club

After school hours, Monday-Thursday in the fitness room. Opportunity to work on muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance


Work with G.O., student officers in creating school-wide activities.

Honor Society

Application only. Requirements of National Junior Honor Society maintained.


Highlights school activities to share with the community via social media.

Jazz Band

A group of students coming together in an ensemble setting to study, rehearse and learn concepts of Jazz performance and improvisation as well as repertoire in the Jazz genre for young ensembles.

Junior Leaders

A group of 8th grade students nominated by staff for their representation of Salk's RISE values


High-end math students prepare to compete in Math Olympiads at Hofstra.

Newspaper Club

Students get to actively participate in the creation of school newspaper.

Peer Tutoring

Formalized student-based tutoring.


Club designed to help support our R.I.S.E. characteristics and values.


Students learn how to use a greenhouse to grow plants.

String Ensemble

Welcomes students who already play an orchestra instrument to join this advanced ensemble. Students get the opportunity to learn exciting and challenging musical pieces

Terrific Kids

Students get help with planning and executing community service activities. Ceremonies are held to recognize students.

Tri- M

An international performance and academic based honor society, that encompasses students from all the performing groups here at Salk.


Students actively participate in creating a yearbook.