Jonas E. Salk Middle School: Procedures for Student Pick-up and Drop-off

Drop off and pick up of Salk students should be done in the Salk Circle only. When doing so, please adhere to the following guidelines to help ensure the safety of our students:

  1. When entering the circle, please move as far to the opposite end of the circle as traffic will allow. Otherwise traffic will back up onto Old Jerusalem Rd. Both front doors of the building will be available during inclement weather.
  2. Students should only be dropped off when the car is stopped and against the curb.
  3. All students will exit the vehicle via the passenger side doors only.
  4. When leaving the circle, vehicles must make right turns only and proceed west on Old Jerusalem Rd.
  5. Please be aware that there is a stop sign at the west end of the circle as you are leaving. Also be aware that the west end of the circle allows for two-way traffic and that staff members may be entering the staff parking lot.
  6. Please exercise patience while in the Salk Circle. Remember to drive slowly and carefully before and after dropping off your child.

During Afternoon Pick Up
Many parents have been arriving before dismissal, parking in the circle and waiting for their child to leave the building. Emergency vehicles must have access to the circle at all times. Therefore:

  1. Parking is only allowed against the Salk side of the curb. "Double" and "triple" parking in the circle will interfere with any emergency vehicle that may need to have access to Salk.
  2. Once again, please wait until you are parked against the curb so that your student does not have to walk into traffic to get picked up.
  3. Please only make the right turn onto Old Jerusalem Road during dismissal.
  4. Please exit the circle carefully. Watch for students crossing the circle.
  5. Please be courteous if parked in the circle prior to dismissal. Loud conversations or music are educational distractions to the classes facing the circle. Smoking is never permitted on school grounds.