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Summit Lane
A Message From the Principal
March 31, 2017


  • The kindergarten students have been reading about weather, Dr, Seuss, St. Patrick's Day and spring. The students have been continuing to learn to decode CVC words as well as phoneme segmentation and blending phonemes. We have been using Reader's Notebooks to review CVC words and sounds. Students have been learning proper nouns for places, people and pets. In science, students have been learning about various kinds of weather and spring. They have also been learning about animals that change as well as being a Scientist. In math, the kindergarten students have been learning about more addition and subtraction. They have been decomposing numbers to 10 as well as adding fluently to 10. Students have also started learning numbers 11 to 20.


  • Students in first grade have been busy this month working in the various curriculum areas. In ELA, they have been reading different types of text and strengthening their comprehension strategies by incorporating graphic organizers. In math, students have been reinforcing basic math skills using Math Sprints and fun4thebrain, and solving double-digit addition and subtraction facts with and without regrouping using multiple strategies. As scientists, completing projects relating to weather, seasons, animal groups and classifications, culminating in field trips to MacArthur High School Science Lab. Finally, in Social Studies, first graders have been reading and discussing interesting articles in their Scholastic Newspaper, referencing the text to support their claims.


  • The second grade students had the opportunity to visit the Outdoor Education Center located at LMEC for an interactive lesson on plants and their life cycles. The students explored seeds in depth and were able to visually see the transformation from seed to plant with the use of various displays during the classroom session. The children then went to the greenhouse, where they were introduced to a variety of commonly grown local plants such as carrots, lettuce and tomatoes. They even had a tasting session with different types of lettuce. Finally, the students planted marigold seeds that will be used to beautify the areas surrounding Summit Lane Elementary School. The hands-on nature of this trip makes it a favorite of the second graders and will assist in their understanding of the life cycle of plants.


  • The third graders have been busy reading a variety of genres such as poetry, trickster tales, and fables. Another genre we have been exploring is informational text. Through our magazine subscription to Time For Kids, the third graders have the opportunity to read about the current events happening throughout our world, especially in the area of science. This month the magazine had articles about three different topics: the future of zoos, stringed instruments and recent NASA discoveries. Reading this genre allows for the students to add to their background knowledge, learn new vocabulary words and keep current with our ever changing world. The students really enjoyed reading about NASA's discovery, that there is a solar system close to Earth that may have seven Earthlike planets!


  • Fourth graders at Summit began their unit on Animal Life Cycles. Students are observing the growth of tadpoles and recording their findings in their observation journal. In conjunction with our Science topics, the students are reading stories in Journeys which correlate with environmental topics. They are practicing writing skills to develop their abilities and provide text evidence to support their inferences. As part of a St. Patrick's Day activity, students learned about limericks and created their own poems. Students also had the pleasure of shaving creaming the Principal and staff members as part of our "Hoops for Heart" celebration. A great time was had by all!


  • Each year the beginning of March marks the beginning of the of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race across Alaska, it is a very big sporting event in our 49th state! Mushers spend months training their dogs and practicing for the race. This year fifth graders learned about the history of the race, including the fact that it commemorates The Great Serum Run, which saved the lives of many Alaskan people in 1925. As part of their studies, fifth graders tracked mushers across the state, watched videos of the actual race, studied a map of Alaska, familiarizing themselves with a variety of landforms! Additionally, to support their studies, they read a book called Black Star, Bright Dawn by Scott O'Dell. It is the story of an Inuit girl who "runs" the Iditarod when her father injures himself and cannot race. It is a beautiful story, filled with cultural background of the Inuits of Alaska. Reading and learning about the Iditarod helped the children experience the true meaning of perseverance and determination!


  • Kindergarten, first, grade and second grade have been learning about elements of art, including line and color theory by designing "Faberge" eggs. Third grade and fourth grade are learning about architecture by designing tree houses. Fifth grade students are working on Van Gogh style Irises.


  • NYSSMA students have been instructed to purchase their solos. All students are preparing their pieces, practicing scales, and working on sight-reading. Online registrations have been completed. Piano NYSSMA students performed at the solo evaluation at Nassau Community College. All students received fabulous scores. Fourth and fifth grade Vocal NYSSMA students continue to work with Mrs. Wade on sight singing and their performance pieces.

    Grades were calculated for Term 2. New students who have reached proficiency levels have been added to Band and Orchestra.

    Mrs. Wade continues to rehearse her students who will be performing the national Anthem at the Mets game at Citifield. Aladdin rehearsals are in full swing and are making amazing progress. Mrs. Wade is being assisted by Mrs. Stewart and Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Giordano has started planning for the Memorial Day Parade.


  • The students in Mrs. Dano's PE classes began the month working on volleyball. Grades K-2 used beach balls to strike and keep the ball up in the air. They worked in groups and learned how to volley with each other and then over a net. The students enjoyed the game of Clean Up the Yard. Grades 3-5 worked on the skills of the forearm pass, set and serve, and concluded the unit learning how to play Newcomb and rally scoring.

    Ms. Grillo's PE classes participated in a unit on hockey. Grades 1 and 2 focused on proper grip of their hockey stick as well as moving through space safely while using the equipment. They worked on dribbling and passing. The students participated in games of Sharks and Minnows, Knock Out and Two-On-Two. Grade 3 students reviewed all the safety rules and practiced the skills of stick handling, dribbling, passing and shooting. The students in grade 3 also participated in game-like experiences that emphasized basic defensive/offensive strategies.

    Mrs. Dano's and Ms. Grillo's classes participated in a unit together on Chinese Jump Rope. Students were instructed on basic jumping patterns, rope levels and game play etiquette. Grades K-1 worked in small groups and practiced their jumping patterns as a whole class while grades 2-5 worked more independently following the rules of game play. Grades 3-5 recorded their progress each class to build up to the creation of their own jumping pattern.

    Hoops for Heart Shaving Cream Event was held on March 17, 2017. The students, families and staff successfully raised $11,756.50 for the American Heart Association.