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Friday, Aug. 14, 2020
Levittown Public Schools

Levittown Public Schools Driver Education Program

Adhering to the extended NY State pause, which now continues through the summer, all Spring classes will be postponed until September.

All classes, lecture and road, will continue exactly how they left off in March in order to complete the program in the fall. There are approximately six weeks remaining in lecture and afterschool road classes; eight weekends for Saturday road classes; and up to twelve weeks for AM road classes.

The following are options offered by district...

Option 1 - Receive a refund and not continue the program in the fall.


  • Afterschool road students- $247.50
  • Saturday road student- $268.17
  • Before school road students- $288.83

(Refunds are based on hours completed before March 12th, 2020)

This option is best for seniors who are currently in our program who will not be returning to high school in the fall. The district will issue all seniors an MV-278 (five-hour certificate) which will allow you to sign up and take you road test and obtain a class D license at age 18.

Option 2 - Remain in the program and resume classes in the fall.

This option is best for all other students returning to school in the fall. By remaining in the program, you will obtain a course completion certificate and be issued an MV-285 (blue card) to obtain a class D license at age 17. Please keep in mind, if you choose to drop the program, and enroll in a future session, you will have to pay full price and repeat the program from the beginning; if you chose to drop the program and not enroll in Driver ed in the future, you will not receive senior driving privileges at age 17 or the car insurance discount which is honored to age 21.

All refund referrals please email: Please include your name, address, home school, grade as of March 2020, road teacher and road schedule.

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