Summit Lane Student Council

Student Council Class Reps. 2017-2018

3 Peyton

Rachel Maurer
Devin Ramirez

3 Vitolo

Anthony Konior
Analiah Delacruz

3 Stripp

Jeremy Jorge
Mackenzie Araujo

4 Burns

Jake Calabrese
Dylan Lang

4 Maresca

Eunice Kim
Joseph Drescher

4 O'Brien

Lindsey Araujo
Robert Martinez

5 Collins

Danny Lang
Samantha Keegan

5 Breen

Catherine Dinolfo
Tyler Persampire

5 Gorman

Gavin Vargas
Ariana Chong

Student Council Resources

The Summit Lane Student Council consists of students from Grades 3-5. Student Council consists of an executive board, Principal Liaisons, and at least one class representative from each class in these grades. The current advisors are Mrs. Cammarata, Mrs. McEntee and Mrs Talbot.

Student Council has many goals and purposes, in which the students are encouraged to interact with the community. Students meet monthly in order to: discuss and promote fundraising and donations for different organizations, encourage school spirit and participation, and to relay information. The Student Council works closely with several other committees and programs including Get-A-Voice, LEADD, and the PTA.

Each year, the Student Council is involved with at least three fundraisers. They also brainstorm and vote on school Spirit Days. The executive board and Principal Liaisons meet monthly with Principal Mr. Squillacioti to discuss ideas and school concerns.

We welcome any suggestions for fundraisers for the next school year, and look forward to working together as a community.

A little effort goes a long way...