MacArthur Renaissance Program

The Renaissance Program is designed to encourage and reward all levels of academic achievement. MacArthur became a Renaissance School in 1994. Student report cards are reviewed each semester. Quarter grades, midterm and final examinations, including Regents, are screened. If a student has all passing grades, the student receives a Renaissance card for that semester. Every subject counts. There are four distinct cards based on the average of that semester's grades: Platinum = 90+average+Honor Society membership; Gold = 90+average; Blue = 80+average; White = 65+ average. Students are entitled to discounts for many school events, as well as various raffles for items like prom tickets, graduation gowns and yearbooks.

Selection for the 2020 Spring semester was based on the following criteria:

  • a passing grade for all subjects in the 3rd quarter
  • a passing grade in all college level 4th quarter and final exams
  • a 2, 3, or 4 for other 4th quarter classes

The following criteria excluded a student from the selection process:

  • a failing grade in quarter 3, quarter 4 or a failing final exam grade
  • a grade of Incomplete
  • Denial of Credit in any course

Students who maintain Renaissance card status every semester for the four years at MacArthur are eligible to apply for several scholarships. They also receive special recognition in the graduation program, as well as a designation pin for the graduation gown.