About MacArthur High School

General Douglas MacArthur High School

MacArthur High School honors and rewards academic excellence. A talented and dedicated staff works to help the students to achieve their intellectual, social, and athletic "personal best." Working in partnership with the site-based management team composed of teachers, students, and parents, the administration fosters participation in academic programs above and beyond the prescribed curriculum. Students at every achievement level receive the services they require.

There is no doubt that MacArthur's vision for the students has evolved from a sincere belief that the district's mission statement Success for Every Student in concert with the school's motto "Knowledge is Power" will result in continued achievement.

Adapted through a unanimous vote of the school's faculty in the spring of 1994, the Renaissance Program rewards students who excel in academics. Students who pass everything, including midterms, finals, and regents, are hosted at a semi-annual breakfast. Students receive cards in either platinum, gold, blue, or gray, depending upon their grade average or status as an Honor Society member. These cards entitle the students to various "special perks and privileges," including discounts on tickets to school plays and dances. The four-year Renaissance card-holders of every senior class are hosted at an additional special brunch.

MacArthur's Music program includes symphonic band (which includes marching band), orchestra, four levels of guitar class, electronic music, music theory and advanced placement music theory, various choruses, jazz ensemble, music of the 20th century, and multiple levels of piano classes. The marching band (accompanied by kickline and color guard) participates at football games, parades, and the annual Newsday Festival at Hofstra University. They are known as the MacArthur Symphonic Band. The musical theater program involves a couple of theater classes and annual plays and musicals.

MacArthur has over 25 varsity and junior varsity level athletic teams. They include badminton, baseball, basketball (boys and girls) bowling, football, lacrosse (boys and girls), soccer (boys and girls), softball, tennis, track and field, volleyball, and wrestling. The MacArthur High School varsity baseball team was crowned New York State champions in 1994. The varsity football team has captured 2 Nassau County championships. The first came in 2002 and the second in 2015.