MacArthur Clubs and Activities

American Sign Language
K. Peter-Wrobleski

This club is for students that want to learn and expand on the basic structure of the American Sign Language and the cultural differences between American Deaf and hearing people.

Art Club Advisor
R. Muir / D. Gomes-Vance

The Art Club meets weekly and provides inspiration and opportunity to students to work on individual and group art projects. Club activities include banner and mural painting, competitions, field trips, and exhibitions. We work cooperatively with other clubs to provide services to the school and community.

Art Honor Society Advisor
L. Briskin

The purpose of National Art Honor Society (NAHS) is to recognize and inspire students who have shown outstanding artistic scholarship. The NAHS promotes student leadership and service to the school and community through the development of artistic endeavors together with a strong moral character. By exemplifying these standards, the members of the society promote an awareness of art and become active participants in the education process at their school and in their community.

Broadcast Club (Semester 1 & 2)
B. Farney

The objective of this club is to give the members the opportunity to become involved in all aspects of creating news broadcasts that cover important events at MacArthur High School.

Business Honor Society Advisor
N. Savage

The BHS stimulates interest in business and finance for club members. All members of the society are recognized at a ceremony culminating successful completion of the requirements for BHS

Chamber Ensemble Advisor
K. Musial

The objective of the Chamber Ensemble Club is to enhance the musical abilities of the students involved, and develop better intonation and perform as a small ensemble.

J. Malin

The objective is to choreograph the musical numbers at all performances, and supervise and coordinate student choreographers on several pieces. The choreographer will ensure that the students learn the dances for the shows and perform on level.

Club Illuminate
S. Dunninger

This club exists to engage students in the reflection of Biblical principles as they apply to their lives in today's cultural society. In a safe and friendly environment, members share from their personal lives in order to uplift and encourage each other. Through discussions and activities, members discuss and implement making a difference in the lives of the staff, student body, and community.

Color Guard
M. Regan

The objective of this club is to enhance the performance of the marching band with flag routines, rings, ribbons, dancing and sabres.

Costume Coordinator
L. Levenberg

Culinary Club
H. Russo

This club is designed to motivate and inspire students interested in the culinary arts or international cuisine.

Drama Assistant
C. Wellenreuther

The main objective of the Drama Assistant is to help organize and promote the Drama Club.

Drama Director
L. Levenberg

The Drama Club seeks students interested in all aspects of dramatic production to rehearse and perform fully staged theatre pieces.

E.L.L. Club
S. NaimoolChadee

The objective of the E.L.L. Club is to share cultural information with students from other countries. In addition, students will discuss information useful in acclimating students to high school.

Environmental Awareness
D. Friedman / M. Zausin

The purpose of this club is to expose students to the world around them. Students who are members of this club will participate in a number of experiments involving ground water and water pollution.

Freshman Class
M. Langan

The Freshman Class Officers are a group of 6 elected students that are responsible for activities and decision making for the Freshman Class. Officers will regularly meet to discuss relevant issues and to plan fundraising activities that will benefit their class. The election process begins in September. Any Freshman interested in becoming a class officer must submit an application at that time.

Instagram Club
V. Causeman

The objective of this club is to highlight school activities to share with the community via social media

International Club
J. Graziano / R. Gutierrez

The objective of the International Club is to enrich the knowledge of cultures and languages of various nationalities.

Junior Class
J. Mignone

Junior Class Officers meet to plan and decorate the Homecoming banner, Annual Halloween Dance, and Junior Banquet. Officers of the Junior Class also plan fundraising events such as popcorn and cotton candy sales as well as Valentine's day carnation sales.

Key Club
J. Russell

The purpose of the Key Club is to do community service within MacArthur High School as well as the surrounding community. This club is open to all students.

Lighting & Sound
L. Cristallo

The Lighting & Sound Crew meets on a weekly basis to plan for upcoming events which includes the use of lighting and sound. Alternate weeks are used to train younger members on new equipment.

Long Island Quiz Bowl
D. Levy

The MacArthur Quiz Bowl team consists of students in various grade levels that competes each month in a "head to head" academic competition with other schools in our region.

L. Levenberg

MacApella is a musical club devoted to performing diverse musical pieces without the accompaniment of instruments.

K. Lacey / M. Tonn

Maccept will perform activities to promote positive behavior, organize incentives and recognize students for exemplary behavior and character. Maccept also promotes inclusiveness and diversity.

Marching Band
J. Romano

The Marching Band is a co-curricular activity which offers band students the opportunity to learn about marching band music and performance techniques. Attention is paid to precision and uniformity in movement, as well as developing a respect for a "chain of command" from the directors through the Drum Majors and section leaders.

Math Fair
M. Cooley

The purpose of the Math Fair is to participate in a high school math competition where students present their papers to a panel of judges.

Math Honor Society
N. Decicco

The Math Honor Society tries to stimulate interest in Mathematics by providing recognition of superior mathematic scholarship and promoting various mathematical activities.

Meditation & Mindfulness Club
N. Dawson

To practice meditation and mindfulness in a group to promote healthy ways of thinking, living, and being. Throughout the year the Meditation and Mindfulness Club we will discuss strategies of maintaining a healthy mind as well as earn techniques of meditation. During each meeting we hope to include a guided meditation along with strategies discussion followed by a discussion of our experiences.

Model Congress
C. Reynolds

Model Congress provides students with the opportunity to study U.S. Congress, politics, and formal debate. Members learn the skills of identifying current issues, putting ideas into writing, and presenting concerns in an open forum.

Musical Producer
C. Wellenreuther

The Musical Production Club is the core of MacArthur's four musical theatre productions. Students who enjoy all aspects of the performing arts(singing, dancing and acting) are encouraged to join us as we learn our craft and rehearse our lines for each spectacular show.

National Honor Society
P. Becchoff/L. McCue

The objective of this club is to promote the criteria of the National Honor Society. Scholarship, leadership, service, character; to enhance academic excellence and to provide service to the school and to the community.

Peer Leaders
C. Reynolds / B. Farney

Peer leaders is a service club aimed to ease the transition for 9th graders from middle school to high school. Peer leaders are selected through a rigorous application process and are expected to make a year-long commitment to the club's activities.

Physical Fitness Advisor (Semester I and II)
R. Fehrenbach

The Physical Fitness Club provides a safe, supervised exercise program in which MacArthur students can engage in strength conditioning.

Pit Orchestra
M. Bastone

The purpose of the Pit Orchestra is to perform in collaboration with the MacArthur High School Musical production.

Pride For All
J. Pernick / H. Russo

PFA is a student-run club that provides LGBTQ+ students, friends, and allies a safe and supportive space to socialize and discuss LGBTQ matters and concerns. The club welcomes a community of diverse students, respects identity and individuality, encourages new friendships, and builds social networks to help promote acceptance within the student body.

Recycling Club
J. Graziano / R. Gutierrez

The club collaborates with the custodial staff in keeping MacArthur H.S. "Green". Members will promote "Go Green Facts" of the day, and each classroom and office will have a recycling container for paper.

Scholarships and Awards
P. Mirando

Facilitator coordinates all scholarship offers from various universities, colleges, government agencies and local organizations while dispersing this information to faculty and staff. In addition, the facilitator chairs the scholarship committee and the senior awards ceremony.

School Store
B. Farney / N. Savage

The School Store allows students to work in a retail environment and gain valuable people skills. Students take care of the inventory, ordering, storing, stocking and selling merchandise.

Science Olympiad
D. Friedman / M. Zausin

The objective of this club is to prepare the students to participate in the Science Olympiad competition, which is traditionally held at Bishop Kellenberg.

Senior Class Advisor
B. Bissoondial

The Senior Class Officers are responsible for many school activities. They are the "voice" of the senior class and are responsible for making decisions in collaboration with the building administration.

Senior Mathletes
D. Levy

The objective of Senior Mathletes is to compete against other member teams from Nassau County in after school competitions while attempting to solve challenging mathematical problems.

Senior Variety Show
C. Reynolds / B. Bissoondial

The objective of this club is to prepare Seniors for their participation in the variety show.

Senior Video Club
B. Farney

The members of the Senior Video club collaborate on creating a memorable tribute video of the entire senior class.

Sophomore Class
T. Kristoff / N. Savage

The purpose of the Sophomore class is to organize activities and participate in decision making. Officers will collaborate with building administration on any relevant issues.

Tri-M Music Honor Society
L. Levenberg / K. Musial

The Tri-M Music Honor Society recognizes, through a highly competitive application process, MacArthur music students for their musical ability, academic excellence, school involvement and community service.

Vocal Musical Director
H. Papayannakos

Winter Wind Ensemble
J. Romano

The Winter Wind Ensemble is composed of MacArthur students who play woodwind instruments. Participation is open to all students in MacArthur. The club offers students the unique performance opportunity of playing chamber music in a small group setting.

World Language Honor Society
N. Dawson

The purpose of the World Language Honor Society is to acknowledge and recognize high academic achievement in foreign language. The club also promotes worldliness and appreciation for other cultures.

N. Savage

Yearbook members will assist in designing the MacArthur High School's yearbook. Members will be responsible for gathering all of the necessary information and will gain insight into all phases of Desktop Publishing and computer graphing.

Yearbook Business
N. Savage

The purpose of Yearbook Business is to handle the financial aspects of the yearbook; including the sales of student and parent boosters, advertisements and sale of the book.

Young Composer's Club
J. Romano

The Young Composer's Club is an organization open to all students with an interest in composing music. The club is designed to provide a venue for exploration of various aspects of being a professional composer as well as creating a forum for the exchange of ideas amongst students who share a common interest.