MacArthur Business Department: Field Trips


The students of the Business Department enjoyed a day of touring Yankees Stadium inside and out. First stop, The Great Hall. Located between Gates 4 and 6, The Great Hall features huge double-sided banners of 20 Yankee greats.

Next stop, Monument Park. Monument Park is the place to pay tribute to the Yankee greats of the past. The tour guide spoke of the rich history of the Yankees and those whose numbers were displayed. There are six monuments and 24 plaques in Monument Park

Each student then had the opportunity to sit in the dugout and view the field as the players do at every home game. They sat in the very seat where Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriquez sit waiting for their turn at bat.

Next we took a trip through the Yankee Museum.. Here you can find Thurman Munson's original locker that was brought over from the old Stadium. There are also statues of Yogi Berra and Don Larsen pay tribute to the perfect battery in the perfect World Series game. The Ball Wall, which features autographed balls from hundreds of Yankee players is an amazing display of Yankees pastime.

Finally, on to the Clubhouse. The Yankees clubhouse features 30,000 ft of space, over 2.5 times the space of the clubhouse from the previous facility. Each locker equipped with a safety deposit box and touch-screen computer. The Yankees clubhouse features a weight room, training room, video room, and lounge area, while both teams' clubhouses have their own indoor batting cages. The Yankees' therapy room features a hydrotherapy pool with an underwater treadmill. The Yankees are believed to be the first team to chemically treat their uniforms, as well as the showering surfaces with an anti-bacterial agent that reduces the risk of infection. Derek Jeter is the only Yankee to have two lockers due to the amount of mail he receives.


MacArthur Business students visited Sony Wonder Technology Lab to explore interactive technology in a creative hands-on environment. The students enjoyed one-of-a-kind exhibits where they could perform virtual open heart surgery, design an animated character, program a robot, and even become part of a broadcast production team.

Located in mid-town Manhattan, SWTL inspires creativity in a high-quality, engaging, and family friendly learning environment.

This year's tour theme was Hands-On Tech. The students were treated to a guided or self guided tour of Sony Wonder Technology Lab.


The MacArthur Business students visited the new home of the New York Met's, Citi Field. They witnessed first hand the superior sightlines for the game throughout the venue. There is a more intimate atmosphere with seating angled toward the infield and set down closer to the field.

The ballpark features some of the widest unobstructed concourses in new sports facilities.

The Students got to walk around the Concourse level which features 360-degree, walk-around circulation around the ballpark with expansive field views and ample standing room. The Promenade level features a split-deck design providing uninterrupted views into the ballpark from the circulation and concession areas.

While touring the field, the students visited the batting cage, the dugout and the bullpen. The tour guide allowed student to visit to the climate-controlled restaurants, bars, clubs, and lounges, a majority of which provide field views, and a wide range of menu choices.

During the tour of the inside of the stadium, the students were able sit in the press box and see the views from the broadcaster's point of view. They has the opportunity to sit in the production suite and visit the Hall of Fame where they were given a brief history of the team.

Of all the exciting places the students explored, nothing was more fascinating then the teams locker room. This is a state of the art facility featuring the latest technology and comforts of home.

The tour ended with the student entering the team store with the opportunity to purchase a memorabilia item of their choice.


The MacArthur Business Students enjoyed the day touring Madison Square Garden.

Madison Square Garden, The World's Most Famous Arena, is located in Manhattan on Seventh Avenue between 31st and 33rd Streets. Tickets to events at Madison Square Garden are available at the Garden Box Office, and Ticketmaster online, phones and outlets. A facility surcharge of $4.50 is included in the ticket price on all tickets with a face value of more than $15.00. Ticketmaster purchases are subject to additional service charges.

Also located in the heart of Manhattan on Seventh Avenue between 31st and 33rd Streets, is The Theater at Madison Square Garden . It has been the venue for annual family shows and theatricals, the NFL and NBA Drafts, CBS Television's Fall Premiere, Con Edison's Shareholder Meetings, Product Launches for Infinity and Intel, Oxford Health Plans Award Ceremony, Corporate Employee Meetings, college graduations, and religious conferences.