The Gardiners Avenue R.I.S.E. Program

(Respect and Responsibility, Integrity, Safety, Staying Healthy and Empathy)

R.I.S.E. Resources

What is R.I.S.E.?

R.I.S.E. is a social and emotional program originally created by the staff, students, and families at Salk Middle School. Since our students will be attending Salk in the years to come, we have recently adopted the R.I.S.E. program. The program focuses on teaching students core values through which we hope to improve their behavior, academics, and social learning. The social and emotional learning of our students is very important to us and it should be a collaboration with our school, families, and the community.

What does R.I.S.E. stand for?

  • R-Responsibility, Respect
  • I-Integrity
  • S-Safety, Staying Healthy
  • E-Empathy

Who is involved with R.I.S.E.?

Staff, students, and parents are all involved with R.I.SE. --- To kick off the 2020 new year and continue with the momentum of our newly implemented R.I.S.E program, we will be facilitating additional meaningful and engaging R.I.S.E. activities with our students in the months to come that focus on the key components of our R.I.S.E program.

What does R.I.S.E. look like at Gardiners Avenue?

  • Strategic Monthly R.I.S.E. Interactive Activities in the classroom/building that foster collaboration, positive discourse, and critical thinking that emphasize the core values of R.I.S.E.
  • Integration of R.I.S.E. principles/characteristics into the core curriculum and classroom discussions
  • Implementation of school-wide service learning opportunities that concentrate on the characteristics of R.I.S.E.
  • R.I.S.E. Students of the Month Awards and "R.I.S.E. To The Occasion" Stickers/Pencils for students exemplifying the R.I.S.E. values