Gardiners Avenue Elementary School

Gardiners Ave. Elementary School

Welcome to Gardiners Avenue School, centrally located in the Levittown School District!

Gardiners Avenue is a Kindergarten through Grade Five School with a tradition of collaboration and cooperation that is valued by the entire school community. Our faculty and staff are committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and intellectually challenging environment for all students that facilitates their growth as lifelong learners.

Instructional strategies at Gardiners Avenue School are aligned with the social, emotional, academic, and physical development of the whole child. Children, as active participants in the learning process, are encouraged to achieve their personal best and acquire the complex skills necessary to attain "Success For Every Student".

In addition to the core curriculum areas, all students have opportunities to engage in instrumental music or chorus, art, and physical education instruction. Children have opportunities to engage in technology-based instruction and participate in our media program. In addition, there are several extracurricular clubs for our students that support and promote critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, teamwork, entertainment, and hard work.

The Character Education Program at Gardiners Avenue School is designed to help children make positive choices, treat others respectfully and look beyond themselves in their daily decision making. Our Peer Mediation initiative in grades four and five, supports these abilities, as well.

The Gardiners Avenue School family is enhanced by the exceptional dedication of our parents. Parents work tirelessly to augment the quality of our students' educational experiences through cultural arts, drug awareness, and a myriad of other programs they sponsor.

The coordinated efforts of our professional staff and the home / school connections we have sustained ensure excellence in education for all our children!

Please Be Courteous: Save our handicapped parking spots for cars with the appropriate designations. Go Mustangs!