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One-to-One Windows 10 Tablet Information

One-to-One Windows 10 Tablet Information 001 Levittown Public Schools understands the expanding role of technology as a vehicle to improve student learning in school and at home. The twenty-first century presents evolving opportunities for students to learn using digital resources. New technology now provides greater opportunities for creativity, collaboration and communication. This Fall, the District will present an enhanced learning opportunity for the ninth grade students by providing a digital tablet assigned to them for use in school and at home.

The introduction of this technology has the potential to change the structure of the high school classroom as well as the nature of instruction and learning. The District has a long-range vision for how the use of the device will catalyze these changes. In addition, the district will support the program with professional development for the staff as well as training for the students.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Frequently Asked Technical Questions:
  • How do I turn my Tablet on?

    Hold down the Power button for a minimum of 3 to 10 seconds. Once the small white light comes on it will blink off again, and then the screen should display a logon.
  • How do I connect to my Wi-Fi at home?

    Please see our "Setting up Wi-Fi at Home" tutorial.
  • Can the Tablet be used even if I don't have Wi-Fi at home?

  • Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Issues:

    One-to-One Windows 10 Tablet Information No Wi-Fi is connected
    Please turn on Wi-Fi and reboot.
    One-to-One Windows 10 Tablet Information Wi-Fi connection is available.
    If you are on school grounds, please wait until connection is fully connected. If you are not on school grounds, please choose your Wi-Fi network
    One-to-One Windows 10 Tablet Information Wireless is connected with limited connectivity.
    Please wait until connected or reboot the device.
    One-to-One Windows 10 Tablet Information Wi-Fi is connected
  • How do I turn the device off?

    Go to the start menu, click on the Power icon, tap Shut down. When you shut the device down, you will get a black screen, afer the black screen appears, it will take approximately 20 seconds for the device to completely turn off.
  • What do I do if my Tablet freezes?

    Hold the power button down for at least 20 seconds to power down the device. Wait one (1) minute then turn the device back on.
  • How do I print?

    While in the District your Table will be able to print to network printers in designated locations. Students will need to enter their ID Number to release the document to the printer.

    Printing at home: To print from home you will have to install your own printer to the Tablet. Due to the amount of variables in your home configuration (printer models, network setup, etc.), we will not be able to assist you in configuring your printer.

  • How do I disconnect the keyboard?
    • If you received your tablet in the 2016-2017 School Year: The connection is magnetic, simply pull the keyboard apart from the screen.
    • If you received your tablet in the 2015-2016 School Year: Press the silver button in the middle of the keyboard and gently pull the tablet screen up.
  • Troubleshooting Power Issues:

    One-to-One Windows 10 Tablet Information Battery Charge Indicator

    1. The unit will not power on if the battery does not have at least 3% charge in it. If you press the power bu??on for 3 seconds and the unit does not power on or show a small white light on the top center of the screen (near camera) that means that the unit has no charge. You will need to Plug the unit to the charger and let charge for a minimum of 15 minutes to get a 5% charge.
    2. Make sure the amber light near the power button is lit to show that the unit is charging. If the unit is plugged in and there is no light near the power button the unit will not charge.
    3. If you press the power button and the unit has less than 3% charge the unit will not power on but will show a ba??ery symbol on the center of the screen indica??ng that the unit is charging and needs more ??me to charge.

  • Where can I get more information on setting up and using my Tablet?

    We are constantly updating our tutorials. Please visit our Tutorials Site for the most up-to-date information.