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Sunday, May. 16, 2021
Levittown Public Schools

Welcome From the SEPTA President!

Do you want to become part of an organization that provides knowledgeable workshops to parents of all children? Every child is unique and travels through their academic career differently. SEPTA (Special Education Parent Teacher Association) works closely with the school district to ensure a safe and successful environment for all students. Joining SEPTA can benefit everyone. SEPTA is an organization that provides parent workshops, student scholarships, teacher grants, and most importantly support to its members and their families.

SEPTA is a district-wide PTA open to EVERYONE. It is comprised of parents, teachers, and administrators.

We at SEPTA are with you. Our families, like yours, are adjusting to a very different in-person experience or hybrid/distance learning platform. We invite you to like us on Facebook where we are sharing information.

In this unprecedented time, we at SEPTA are following all Federal, State and district recommendations and conversations in terms of health and wellness as well as the changing educational landscape in this time of uncertainty. We recommend families read all communications from state, federal and district bodies to obtain the most up to date information. We are processing information at the same time as you are as parents and we will post updates and recommendations as soon as we can!

Annual SEPTA membership dues are $10.00
per person. Parents, teachers and students are welcome to join. To be eligible to receive a SEPTA Scholarship, at least one individual per family MUST be a Levittown SEPTA member by January 31, 2021.

Dues and fundraising events have helped SEPTA, provide Scholarships to well deserving seniors! Throughout the years, SEPTA has provided funding for many projects district-wide including: Scholarships,Staff Appreciation, Programming and Family Fun Events.

Please help SEPTA in its efforts to successfully continue serving the educational needs of our families by renewing your membership or by becoming a new member. Contributions/ Donations are greatly appreciated and are tax-exempt. As always, we thank you for your continued support! Stay safe, healthy and positive!

The Levittown Executive Board

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