Levittown Council of PTAs

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Levittown PTA Executive Committe

Beth Lyons

1st Vice President
Kathleen Pedrick

2nd Vice President
Karen Martinez

Recording Secretary
Lauren Lestingi

Corresponding Secretary
Krista Hill

Michelle Siegel

Immediate Past President
Mari Ganga

Levittown Council of PTAs is a group of ten PTA units within our school district that is organized under the authority of the New York State PTA and National PTA. Each member unit is represented in our Council by unit presidents and council delegates who participate in council business as representatives of their units.

We commit ourselves to the objectives of PTA as we pledge our allegiance to this Council to be united, strong, and accountable while holding children first and foremost in our hearts and lives.

The roll of Council is to inform, instruct, and inspire the leaders of the units and to be responsive to their needs. We also serve as another channel of communication between school administrators, school boards and the general public.

Levittown Council of PTAs News

The Levittown Council of PTAs is a non-profit organization whose main objectives are to promote the welfare of children and youth in the home, school and community, and to provide education to our parents in order for them to secure the highest advantages possible for all of the children in our district.

The Levittown Council of PTAs consist of six elementary school units, one middle school unit, one high school unit, one middle/high school unit and one special education unit. All of these units, together at the council level and with the school district, work together concerning issues regarding elementary and secondary curriculum, health safety and environment, food service, as well as budgetary issues.

The Levittown Council of PTAs is an arm of Nassau Region PTA. Many of us attend Nassau Region workshops that educate our members to deal with legislative issues having to do with our children. Our delegates have and continue to be involved in letter writing campaigns to our legislators concerning the impact of the state's new learning standards and how they affect our children. Resolutions written by PTA members, again following the objectives of PTA, are brought to the NYS PTA Convention for discussion and vote. Many of these resolutions have gone on to the NYS Legislative branch of government and became laws.

Members of Council also meet monthly with the Superintendent of Schools to share mutual concerns regarding our children and to keep all parties involved current regarding issues as they arrive. At our monthly council meetings, along with taking care of council business; we have educated our members on such topics as AIDS Education, Internet Safety, and Megan's Law along with Legislative issues.

Each PTA unit in Levittown also works independently within their own school. The units have an Arts in Education Committee. This committee is one of great importance. PTA works together with input from the educational staff of their school to bring in programs to enrich the daily education our children receive. Many of these programs have given the children an opportunity to develop great appreciation for music, art, science and literature. The PTA units are also involved in funding programs to educate our children about the dangers of drug and alcohol use, bicycle safety, and AIDS education.

The individual units also participate in family oriented activities that promote learning while having fun. The PTA units have included our community members, our local political representatives, school board members, and our school district administration to participate in many of these events.

In addition, the PTA units provide services to the children. They organize book fairs, holiday boutiques and flower sales. In most cases, these items are sold to the children at cost and not for profit. These sales are a big success and generate learning and self-esteem for the children.

All of our members are volunteers and not necessarily parents. None of our members are monetarily compensated. Some members are able to devote a large amount of time to become officers or committee chairs and some not as much and can only attend an occasional meeting; but all play an integral role. It has been proven that children learn more and have better lives when parents, school, teachers, students and the community work together. As you can see the Levittown Council of PTAs has strived to include everyone in making a positive difference in the lives of our children.