The Fine Arts Department

Music Department

Our Music Department falls under Fine Arts however, more information regarding our music program can be found by visiting our music department page.

The Levittown School District is committed to insuring that every child has an opportunity to experience, to create, and to learn about meaningful artworks through various mediums. The Art Department offers courses which are devoted to first teaching students how to look carefully at the world around them, to examine that world closely, and to develop an aptitude for their imaginations to be explored. Students have the opportunity to participate in various courses which promote creativity, enhance problem solving skills, and cultivate out of the box thinking. Individual expression is encouraged and critical thinking and cooperative learning are emphasized. Study of the arts encourages students to view the world through a variety of perspectives and lenses all the while fostering an ability to communicate, collaborate, express artistic ideas, and problem solve in the 21st century.

The study of art at the elementary level focuses on an exploration of various artistic materials, the development of a foundational understanding of color theory, and an awareness of the historical development of key artistic movements. At the middle school level, students begin to dive deeper into multiple perspectives and components of artistic aesthetics, the creation of meaningful artwork, and the social significance of artistic movements. A comprehensive program that suits various learners is offered at the high school level and various courses appeal to specific strands within the study of art. Students who wish to continue in the study of art after satisfying the high school graduation requirement can follow a sequential course load in drawing and painting, sculpture, ceramics, graphic arts, or photography. Studio in Art or Studio in Media Arts are the two courses offered at the high school which adequately satisfy New York State's graduation requirement and function as prerequisites for all other courses offered through the Art Department.