District Instructional Programs

The Levittown Public Schools offer one of the most comprehensive, in-depth K-12 programs on Long Island. Students are provided unique opportunities and experiences in academic, career & technical education, special education, extra-curricular, community service and athletic programs. The hallmark of the district is the ability to meet the needs of all students by offering as many or more programs in-district than many other school systems.

Special community services include both before and after-school childcare programs for elementary school aged children. These low cost, self sustaining programs provide elementary school children with safe, supervised childcare every day school is in session. Similarly, the district sponsors or co-sponsors low cost summer recreation, music and academic programs for those parents wishing to keep their children close to home in a productive and safe summer learning or play environment. Community needs are further met through a Saturday Dance and Gymnastics program. Both initiatives allow for low cost, quality opportunities that would not otherwise be available to the community without the backing and support of the Levittown Public Schools.

Current Programs

Special Summer Programs