Drug Free Schools

The Board of Education is committed to the prevention of alcohol, tobacco, and other substance use/abuse. This statement describes the programmatic elements the District will use to promote healthy life styles for its students and staff and to inhibit the use/abuse of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and other substances.

No person may use, possess, sell, or distribute alcohol or other controlled substances, nor may use or possess drug paraphernalia, on school grounds or at school-sponsored events, except drugs as prescribed by a physician. The inappropriate use of prescription and over-the-counter drugs shall also be prohibited.

Additionally, the following persons shall be prohibited from entering school grounds or school-sponsored events: any person exhibiting behavior, or physical characteristics indicative of having used or consumed alcohol, drugs or other psychotropic substances. The District will use the following principles as guides for the development of its substance use/abuse prevention efforts and of any disciplinary measures related to alcohol and other substances:

  • Alcohol, tobacco, and other substance use/abuse is preventable and treatable.
  • Alcohol and other substance use/abuse inhibits the District from carrying out its central mission of educating students.
  • The behavior of the Board of Education, the administration, and all school staff should model the behavior asked of students.
  • While the District can and must assume a leadership role in alcohol, tobacco, and other substance use/abuse prevention, this goal will be accomplished
  • only through coordinated, collaborative efforts with parents, students, staff and the community as a whole.