Spaceship Earth - Systems In Space

November 18, 2022

Spaceship Earth - Systems In Space - image001This fall, students in Ms. Corron's fifth grade class participated in the science unit, Spaceship Earth: Systems in Space. During this unit of study, students explored Earth's rotation, patterns of day and night, daily/seasonal shadow patterns and lengths, seasonal patterns and changes, planets and the solar system, and gravity. As part of the students' explorations, they performed hands-on activities such as Spinning Earth, Make a Shadow Clock, and Gravity Jump.

In the activity, Spinning Earth, students used their bodies as a kinesthetic model of the Earth to understand how the speed of the Earth's spin affects the length of a day. In the activity, "Make a Shadow Clock", students made their own sundials and then used flashlights to understand how the position of the light affects the time shown on the clock. Finally, in the activity, "Gravity Jump", students measured how high they could jump on Earth and then calculated how high they would be able to jump on other planets and moons within our Solar System. Multiplication of decimals was also integrated into the unit as students calculated what their weight would be on other planets.

Spaceship Earth - Systems In Space - image003Spaceship Earth - Systems In Space - image002