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Tuesday, May. 18, 2021
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Division Avenue Senior Earns Gold Award While Inspiring Girls to Use Their Voices

April 09, 2021

Division Avenue Senior Earns Gold Award While Inspiring Girls to Use Their Voices - image001
Nicolette Kenney, a senior from Division Avenue High School, recently earned her Girl Scout Gold Award after working diligently for more than a year on a passion project of hers. The Gold Award is the highest achievement that a Girl Scout can receive. Recipients tackle issues that they are passionate about and work towards enacting a change in their communities and beyond.

Nicolette has been a Girl Scout since the first grade and found her inspiration for her Gold Award project through Girl Scout founder Juliette Gordon Low and Nicolette's own passion for media. Her love for broadcasting sparked after joining Division Avenue High School's broadcasting club during her freshman year. Nicolette soon decided to join a sports journalism and broadcasting certification program at Hofstra University and discovered that females were underrepresented in the media industry. She wanted to change this. Nicolette created a program called "The Low Down," a play on Girl Scout founder Mrs. Low's name, for her Gold Award Project. Her goal was the instill confidence in young girls to pursue future careers in media.

"I wanted to help empower young girls and teach them that they can use their voices to speak out about things that are important to them through media," said Nicolette.

She conducted a survey which garnered more than 100 anonymous responses from girls regarding media and female representation. She learned that most people, 72%, regardless of age or race, felt that there is not enough diversity in the media. Nicolette then created a Google Classroom for young girls to access which served as a hub for her program. She conducted Low Down sessions over Google Meet where she spoke with girls virtually about females in the media and the importance representing female voices. In addition, Nicolette educated the girls on various types of media, taught them how to produce their own segment and provided professional tips and tricks. She also helped them practice their public speaking skills and more to help build their self-confidence.

The Google Classroom page holds three lesson plans with the necessary resources that Nicolette created to allow anyone to recreate the Low Down sessions with their own groups. She hopes that her Low Down program inspires girls to find their own voices and explore a future in media.

The district commends Nicolette for her dedication and for receiving her well-deserved Girl Scout Gold Award!

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