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Wednesday, Jun. 23, 2021
Levittown Public Schools

Second Graders Using Technology

March 09, 2021

Second Graders Using Technology - image001
The students in Mrs. Liontonia's class love using their Chromebook in the classroom! For a spring writing activity, the class used details from their Journeys story, "Luke Goes to Bat", to put events in sequential order. They created a Seesaw activity that demonstrated what happened first, next, then, and finally in the story. Mrs. Liontonia and Mrs. Porr helped each student edit their work through Seesaw. When the editing and revision stage was completed, students wrote their final copy on baseball themed paper. We love looking at our hard work on our bulletin board and can't wait to try more new and exciting tasks on our Chromebook! ?

Second Graders Using Technology - image002
Second Graders Using Technology - image003

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