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Sunday, May. 09, 2021
Levittown Public Schools

Self-Love Blooms at East Broadway School

March 05, 2021

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First grade students from Karen Vaiano's class at East Broadway Elementary School recently learned about the importance of self-love during an engaging lesson with substitute Brittany McNally. The class read "Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon" by Patty Lovell, along with the poem "Sunny Sunflower" and reflected on their own unique selves.

The class discussed the main character, Molly Lou Melon, from the story and how she is unique and special.

"The book reminded my students to be the best person they can be, be proud of who you are and to believe in yourself," said Ms. McNally.

The students then shared interesting facts about themselves with their class and shared reasons why they are special. This ranged from the meaning of their names, to special hobbies that they enjoy.

After reading the "Sunny Sunflower" poem which like the book, celebrated individual uniqueness, students were prompted to create their own paper sunflowers in the classroom. Using construction paper, each student wrote their name in the middle of the flower and wrote why they are special on each of the yellow petals. The uplifting lesson boosted the first graders self-confidence and reinforced the importance of being yourself.

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