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Wednesday, Jun. 23, 2021
Levittown Public Schools

First Graders Play Prodigy

March 04, 2021

First Graders Play Prodigy - image001
The students in Ms. Manzi's first grade class are crazy about their Chromebooks! Each day we find new and exciting ways to build upon the skills we are learning in class. One of our favorite ways to practice math is by using the website Prodigy is an exciting, adaptive learning platform where the students get to explore the Prodigy world and battle mystical creatures by solving math problems to complete quests. Playing Prodigy each day when we complete our math lesson helps the students look forward to unleashing their inner mathematicians and supports their academic growth in so many ways!

First Graders Play Prodigy - image002
First Graders Play Prodigy - image003
First Graders Play Prodigy - image004

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