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Monday, Jun. 21, 2021
Today Is: Day 2
Levittown Public Schools

Computer & Library Media Services: Department Directory

Department Phone: (516) 434-7105

Director, Computer and Media Services/IT Manager
Todd F. Connell

Technical Support
MaryLynn Eisele Districtwide TA
Vishal Bhoge IT Specialist III
Derek Teitel IT Specialist II
Franco Quijano IT Specialist II
Rian Romeo IT Specialist I
Tony DeLuca IT Specialist I
Student Management Support
Michael Gibbone Chairperson of IT
Paul Tringali Database Analyst
Website/Intranet Support
Anthony Anzalone Webmaster
Professional Support
Susan Silberger Principal Typist Clerk
Kristina Wagner Account Clerk

Levittown Public Schools Calendars