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Saturday, Apr. 20, 2019
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Students Put Their Minds to Matter

February 11, 2019

Students Put Their Minds to Matter - image001
Wisdom Lane Middle School sixth-graders recently reviewed their unit on the states of matter by watching sublimation, or a solid turning to gas, take place in their classroom. With the guidance of teachers Joanne Byrne and Dorothea Grubb, the students watched in awe as a piece of dry ice was dropped into a glass cylinder of hot water.

The students received an up-close look at the process of carbon dioxide pouring out of the cylinder and onto the table. They also watched as the teachers tried creating bubbles with the gas, dish soap and water.

In addition to sublimation, the students reviewed evaporation and condensation, just in time for their upcoming exam. Students provided visual examples of what each state of matter looks like while drawing on the SmartBoard.

Students Put Their Minds to Matter - image002
Students Put Their Minds to Matter - image003
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