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Wednesday, Jun. 19, 2019
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Building Innovators at Summit Lane School

September 19, 2018

Building Innovators at Summit Lane School - image001
Fourth-graders at Summit Lane Elementary School in Christine Pase and Michelle Matos' class participated in a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Tower Challenge on Sept. 14 where students were tasked to work together to construct a cup tower without using their hands.

Working in groups of three or four students, they first had to collaborate, brainstorm and then work together as they used a rubber band, four pipe cleaners and six cups to build a tower without touching the cups. The students listened to each other's ideas intently and reflected on their peers responses. As a team, they started building.

"The level of engagement, excitement and learning that went on was incredible," said Pase. "The students cannot wait for their next S.T.E.M. project."

The class also participated in discussion questions such as "what was the hardest part of the challenge and why?" This allowed the students to add meaningful reflection time to the activity.

Building Innovators at Summit Lane School - image002
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