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Sunday, Jun. 16, 2019
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Summit Students Receive a Glimpse of History

June 08, 2018

Summit Students Receive a Glimpse of History - image001
Second-graders at Summit Lane Elementary School visited the Levittown History Museum at the Levittown Memorial Education Center on May 25 to uncover the history behind the town they live in. Museum docents Irene Metzler and Geri Raab facilitated the special visit by walking students through the museum which featured community donated items displayed to represent a Levittown household. Together, the group discussed what life was like for Levittown families in the past.

Students learned about William Levitt and how he mass-produced 17,447 houses to form Levittown in the late 1940s. The students compared the ranch and cape cod style houses that were built and reflected on their own houses. The second-graders also had the opportunity to learn about the different toys and games that were played, listen to a record player and hear about the televisions of the past, including The Howdy Doody Show, a popular children's show that aired from 1947-1960. Students eagerly answered questions that Metzler and Raab asked as they explored the museum. At the end of their visit, students earned prizes for their participation and everyone received a pencil courtesy of the museum.

"We hope that the children were able to experience what life was like in Levittown as a child growing up in the homes that were built, that they live in now by Mr. Levitt," said Raab.

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