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Saturday, Apr. 20, 2019
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Levittown Students Spread Holiday Cheer

January 15, 2019

Levittown Students Spread Holiday Cheer - image001
Members of the General Douglas MacArthur High School acapella group, MacApella, along with the school's guitar ensemble and six select chamber choir students from Jonas E. Salk Middle School, entertained students at the Hagedorn Little Village School in Seaford last month in honor of the holiday season.

MacArthur's MacApella group, directed by Lisa Levenberg, MacArthur's guitar ensemble, directed by Kenneth Walden and choir students from Jonas E. Salk Middle School, directed by Lisa Grande, conducted four engaging holiday performances for the students at the school. In addition to performing, singing and dancing with the students from the Hagedorn Little Village School, the guitar ensemble allowed the students to try their instruments at the conclusion of each performance.


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