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Wednesday, Apr. 24, 2019
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Veterans Educate Salk Students on the Flag of Freedom

November 21, 2018

Veterans Educate Salk Students on the Flag of Freedom - image001
In honor of Veterans Day, seventh-graders at Jonas E. Salk Middle School received a visit from veterans Frank Colon Jr. and Lenny Goldstein of the United Veterans Organization of Nassau County on Nov. 9. The students gathered in the school auditorium to learn more about Veterans Day, the history of the American Flag and its significance.

The annual presentation was coordinated by social studies teachers Samantha McKevitt and Robin Insana for students to get a better understanding of why we celebrate Veterans Day each year. The students learned about the evolution of the flag, how the flag is properly folded and what to do with a worn flag. The veterans also asked for student volunteers throughout the presentation when discussing the role of the color guard, a number of historic photographs and how the bald eagle became the national emblem of freedom for America.

Before concluding the presentation, the veterans encouraged the students to visit historic sites and learn more about the country.

"You all are the upcoming men and women who will continue on with the traditions of our country…the more you all know, the more you'll take pride in your flag and your country," said Colon Jr.

Veterans Educate Salk Students on the Flag of Freedom - image002
Veterans Educate Salk Students on the Flag of Freedom - image003
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