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Jonas E. Salk
Salk Named A School of Character! Jonas Salk Middle School was designated a National School of Character by Character.org because of the work done by it's RISE Committee. Herald Community Newspapers
Salk Middle School Hosts a Pi Celebration
March 29, 2017

Salk Middle School Hosts a Pi Celebration 001Pie was on the lunch menu at Salk Middle School as faculty participated in a pie-eating contest to celebrate the mathematical constant "pi" or 3.14.

During four scheduled lunch periods, faculty tried eating a whole pie filled with pudding and whipped cream, the person finishing in three minutes and 14 seconds or less becoming the winner. Math students were the judges and the staff made the pies.

Math teacher Kelly DeCunzo explained that the contest was hosted in recognition of Pi Day, which occurs annually on March 14. "We are also showing our support for the math department and trying to make the students excited about math," she said.

The competition was fierce as each contestant ate their pies without the use of hands or utensils. In the end, teachers Joe Castelli, William Kind, Brian Luball and Michael Tricarico were announced as this year's winners.

Salk Middle School Hosts a Pi Celebration 002