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Thursday, May. 23, 2019
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Peer Leaders At Northside

March 14, 2019

'Kindness Leaders' from Northside with their certificates and Ms. Shaw
'Kindness Leaders' from Northside with their certificates and Ms. Shaw
The Peer Leadership Club at Northside School has twenty members from grades four and five. These students help bring about positive relationships between themselves and younger students. Second grade teacher, Ms. Ryan Shaw, facilitates the group. They meet twice each month before school on Thursdays and mentor twenty students from first and second grade. The students discuss and work together in the areas of literacy, citizenship and community service.

The older members collaborate, guide and become role models for the younger students. They all grow as individuals as they gain appreciation for service to the school and their community.

The club recently brought awareness to the kind actions everyone can do for each other during "Random Acts of Kindness Week." Kindness spread throughout Northside with this event. It culminated with a "Kindness Leader" being selected in each classroom by their teacher. Certificates for these students' notable acts of kindness were presented to them by Ms. Shaw.


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