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Sunday, Jun. 16, 2019
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Northside Students Participate in the "National Circus Project"

January 09, 2019

The HulaHoopers performed at the 4th grade Circus Project Assembly
Northside School students from kindergarten through grade five were privileged to participate in the "National Circus Project," sponsored by the PTA. It was a highly engrossing program that involved the children in a full week of physical education. It excited them, challenged them, taught them listening skills, respect for their teachers and each other, the importance of cooperation and trust. The children discovered talents and abilities they never had before.

The program began with an assembly on a Monday presented by Lou and Julia who performed various circus acts such as juggling sticks and balls, spinning plates, rope tricks, and an act that went from balancing a feather to a metal chair and eventually to a folding table. The circus performers involved the audience in many of their acts.

Throughout the week, the children met with the circus trainers during their gym periods to learn various circus acts. The fourth grade was designated to put on a show for the rest of the school on the following Friday.

The fourth graders did an amazing job of showing their newly learned skills in circus performances such as, The Stilt Supers, The Balancers, The HulaHoopers, The Plate Spinners, The Anti-Gravity Jugglers, The Devil Stick Players, and The Clowns. These acts were amplified by strong, exciting music tracks, coached throughout by Lou and Julia and supported with cheers and lots of applause by the teachers and student body of Northside. It was a truly memorable project.

The Stilt Supers


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