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Sunday, Jun. 16, 2019
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Northside Pilots Virtual Reality Program

January 07, 2019

Northside Pilots Virtual Reality Program - image001
Levittown School District is one of five districts on Long Island that is piloting a special program produced by Lumigo introducing "Virtual Reality" to the students. At Northside School the fourth graders have been experiencing the science program of the "Virtual Laboratory."

The children put on Virtual Reality goggles and found themselves inside a human cell. There they saw the nucleus, membrane and an organelle with mitochondria.

The students then worked in the 3-D Virtual Lab with a game inside the organelle. They had to provide energy to the cell with oxygen and glucose. Together they form the ingredients that mitochondria need to get energy. Then the children used a little robot avatar and a remote clicker to enable shooting these into the cell.

The experience ended with a short quiz to review. The children thoroughly enjoyed this innovative Virtual Reality experience and learned a great deal from it.

Pictured are 4th grade students wearing their virtual reality goggles for the first time.


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