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Wednesday, Jun. 19, 2019
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Students Tackle Fun-Filled Fruit Challenge

October 05, 2018

Students Tackle Fun-Filled Fruit Challenge - image001
Northside Elementary School second-graders in Ryan Shaw's class honored Johnny Appleseed's birthday on Sept. 26 with a special Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics activity. Students learned about Johnny Appleseed and his travels on canoe before they were challenged to build their own floating raft out of apple pieces and toothpicks.

The students worked as a team to brainstorm their ideas, build their apple raft and then test their creations with Ms. Shaw. The activity allowed the students to learn how to collaborate and learn from failure. After testing their raft, many students had to redesign their creations to be successful in the water. Ms. Shaw photographed each raft in the water which she later displayed on the SmartBoard to talk about each group's design process, looking at what worked and did not work.

The class completed an apple raft worksheet during the activity where they wrote down their materials, drew their blueprint, described what worked well, what was challenging and how they improved their design to successfully float. At the end of the lesson, Ms. Shaw provided apples for the students to eat.

Students Tackle Fun-Filled Fruit Challenge - image002
Students Tackle Fun-Filled Fruit Challenge - image003


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