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Northside Student Presents Principal Mortillaro With Poems
June 14, 2017

Northside Student Presents Principal Mortillaro With Poems 001Armaan Singh, a fifth grader at Northside School, presented his Principal, Mr. Frank Mortillaro, with a gift of his poem entitled, "It Does not Matter" printed on canvas. Armaan also gave him a compilation of sixteen of his poems neatly bound in a booklet. This was titled, "A Thought, A Whisper, An Idea".

Armaan started writing poetry in kindergarten at age 5. Now, at age 11, he has written countless poems which his mother keeps for him. When asked about his method of writing he answered, "Whenever thoughts come to me I go to the computer and type it out right into a poem".

His poetry is truthful, deep and caring beyond his years. The following is an excerpt of the poem that he gave to Mr. Mortillaro:

It Does Not Matter

It does not matter if my skin is black or white
It does not matter if I am born without sight
It does not make a difference if I am from a diverse religion
It does not matter that instead of a great eagle I am a humble pigeon
It is not important if I believe in another god
For I do not care if I seem off
It does not matter if I have unique goals
Who should judge? In the world we all have different roles
I am different and for that do not exclude me from the population
Because remember we are all the Earth's creation.
We are all unique no matter how normal you may seem
We all have our own motives and differing dreams
It does not matter if I am not wealthy
All I care is that I am alive and healthy
It does not matter if someone is disabled
It is not fair that they are labeled
All that really matters is that you are loving and kind
Those simple traits dominate riches, looks, and a large mind
We are all created equal no matter what you may say
And that fact stands with every passing day

Copyright Armaan Singh, 2017