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"Healthy Snack Day" at Northside
April 20, 2017

"Healthy Snack Day" at Northside 001Students and teachers at Northside School participated in "Healthy Snack Day" and discussed developing healthier attitudes towards food. PTA chairpersons Diane Maiorana and Jill Pinner organized the annual event at which many parents prepared trays filled with assorted fruits and vegetables for all the students, staff and teachers.

The volunteers cut apples, melons, bananas, cucumbers, broccoli and peppers into bite-sized pieces. They added cheese cubes, crackers, dressing and yogurt dips.

This activity promoted healthy food choices. It was a most enjoyable way for the children to learn about proper nutrition that leads to a healthy life style.

Pictured are parent volunteers and chair-people, Diane Maiorana and Jill Pinner with prepared trays of healthy snacks.