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Friday, Nov. 15, 2019
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String Musicians Selected for Music Festivals

November 05, 2019

String Musicians Selected for Music Festivals - image001
Seventeen exceptional orchestra students from throughout the Levittown Public Schools were recently selected to perform at the Long Island String Festival Association's Nassau intermediate and secondary festivals.

High school students include Division Avenue High School sophomore Grace Lim (violin I) and junior Danielle Tear (cello), and General Douglas MacArthur High School sophomore Eunice Lee (cello), junior Isabel Galella (double bass) and seniors Valerie Thomas (cello) and Brandon Travers (viola). The six high school students will participate in the LISFA Nassau Secondary Festival from Nov. 15-17 at Wisdom Lane Middle School in Levittown.

Eleven students from Jonas E. Salk and Wisdom Lane middle schools, and Abbey Lane, East Broadway, Lee Road, Gardiners Avenue and Summit Lane elementary schools, will perform with top student-musicians from throughout Nassau County in the LISFA intermediate festival on March 7 and 8 at Uniondale High School.

String Musicians Selected for Music Festivals - image002
Students include sixth grader Felicia Garramone (cello) and seventh grader Melody Hong (cello) from Jonas E. Salk Middle School and eighth grader Allison Cha (violin I) and sixth graders Shannon McCarthy (double bass), Isabella Montes (double bass) and Reana Sy (violin II) from Wisdom Lane Middle School. Elementary school participants include fifth graders Nina Mac, Abbey Lane (violin II); Logan Rodriguez, East Broadway (cello); Vincent Szucs, Gardiners Avenue (cello); Samantha LaMantia, Lee Road (viola) and Isabella Matovick, Summit Lane (violin II).

Congratulations to these outstanding student-musicians and their orchestra teachers for earning spots in the festivals!

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