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Wednesday, Jun. 19, 2019
Levittown Public Schools
Levittown Public Schools


Welcome Back From the Superintendent

September 01, 2018

welcome back
I hope the summer months have provided everyone with some well-deserved relaxation and fun, as well as valuable time with loved ones. During these two months, the district has thoroughly been preparing for the exciting arrival of our students as they enter the first day of school on September 5. Administrators and faculty have used this period to reflect, collaborate, and strengthen their own professional skills, ready to welcome students with open arms with new ideas, lessons, and activities.

Our buildings and grounds department, guided by Mr. Christopher Milano, has worked diligently during the hot summer months to keep our schools in top shape for our incoming students. Thank you to all of our custodians and building staff for your hard work.

Although various educational and recreational programs took place during summer break to keep students engaged academically, mentally and physically, the schools were empty for most of the summer without the students' curiosity and laughter. I look forward to seeing the hallways filled with the smiling faces of our students once again in September, eager to take on the challenges of the new school year and the important lessons ahead.

As a district, you can expect some new changes this year as we have welcomed a number of bright new administrators and faculty members into the Levittown family. I am confident that their experience and insight will help our district grow. We will also continue to reinforce enhanced security in each building with the addition of new security cameras and the implementation of an ID system for visitors. Every visitor will be scanned through a database before gaining entry to our schools, and all secondary school students will be required to use a student ID to enter their building. Seniors who leave the building for lunch will be required to enter and exit through only one set of doors and will be required to use a student ID to reenter the building. With these changes, we continue to make the safety and security of our students and staff the highest priority and take it very seriously, to ensure a successful year.

As with each year, a new school year means new and exciting opportunities. From making new friends to mastering a subject, I wish each and every one of our students the best in the next chapter of their academic career. It's going to be a wonderful year!

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