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Thursday, May. 23, 2019
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Levittown Public Schools
Levittown Public Schools


Music Skills Soar During Summer Months

July 27, 2018

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Approximately 65 students from the Levittown Public Schools are utilizing their time this summer to begin a new instrument or enhance their musical abilities with the district's Summer Instrumental Music Program from July 2 through Aug. 9 at Abbey Lane Elementary School. The annual summer program is open to those entering grades 3-12 in the district and offers two half-hour group lessons each week for students.

With the guidance of summer music coordinator Iris Winter and music teachers Jill Castillo and Matthew Nobile, students receive personalized instruction with small class sizes in either band or orchestra. For those that are new to a specific instrument, the summer program provides a head-start for students to familiarize themselves, while the program allows continuing musicians to practice and strengthen their craft.

"It is important for the kids to continue their musical studies over the summer, not so much to become 'virtuosos,' but to stay in musical shape," said Winter. "To keep what they have learned throughout the school year fresh in their minds and overall because it's fun - new music, new ideas and even new friends."

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