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Friday, Jul. 10, 2020
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Lee Road Coronavirus Resources and Updates

Friday, May 29, 2020

Good Afternoon,

This is Mrs. Anspach with important information regarding report cards:

Reports cards have been a historically important communication link between teachers, students and parents. Although we are experiencing an unprecedented shift in the way we provide education, it is critical that we continue to provide feedback to families on the progress their children are making.

There are currently too many factors to accurately report mastery of standards at the elementary level. It is for these reasons that we will not use the typical 1-4 grading system; instead teachers will provide feedback through narrative comments. These comments will provide feedback on the student's progress through the year as well as how the student participated in remote instruction.

Special Area Teachers:
Special area subject teachers (art, physical education, music, literacy center, FLES) will only provide a comment code (E,S,I,N/A) to provide feedback regarding participation in our remote learning platform.
Excellent- E:
Satisfactory- S:
Inconsistent- I:
Not Available- NA:

If you have any additional questions please ask your child's classroom teacher. Stay well!

Thursday, May 8th, 2020

On Friday May 22nd and Tuesday May 26th, a schedule of times has been arranged for you to pick up your child's items that were left in their desk and/or cubby. It is very important that you limit the number of people coming to pick up the items. It is also important that you do not come if you or a family member is not feeling well. Please be sure to wear masks and do not linger or gather on school grounds. We want everyone to stay healthy and safe. Please keep in mind that you must keep the proper social distance between you and the person in front of you.

**If you are unable to make the assigned date and/or time indicated below due to illness or personal situation, please contact the main office and email me so we could best accommodate you on one of the two days.

**Families with multiple children, please go to your youngest child's designated door and please have written on a piece of paper, the rooms your children are in. You will hand the piece of paper to the staff member at the door you are assigned to. We will then retrieve the items from all rooms.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience during this unprecedented time. We miss everyone very much!

On Friday, May 22nd - K, 1, and 2, will line up at their assigned area, keeping in mind social distancing, to pick up bagged belongings.

On Tuesday, May 26th - 4th and 5th Grade will line up at their assigned area, keeping in mind social distancing, to pick up bagged belongings.

Kindergarten Pickup 9-10:30 Friday May 22nd (4 Staff helpers)

*2 classes - Mrs. Cascio and Mrs. Marek's classes will line up at the K playground door

Own door - Mrs. Wilkinson's class will line up at her classroom outside door.

Own door - Mrs. Roland's class will line up at her classroom outside door.

First Grade Pickup 9-10:30 Friday, May 22nd (2 Staff helpers)

1 Class - Mrs. McCarty line up at outside Mrs. McCarty's outside classroom door. (On Blacktop)

Own Door - Mrs. Torre's class will line up near her outside door to her classroom (On Blacktop)

Second Grade Pickup 11-12:30 Friday, May 22nd (2 Staff helpers)

1 Class - Mrs Napoli - Line up at the Main Entrance doors.

1 Class - Mrs. Wolin- Line up at the Morning Walker doors.

Third Grade Pickup 1-2:30 Friday, May 22nd (3 staff helpers)

1 Class - Mrs. Anderson's class will line up outside the morning walker doors.

1 Class - Mrs. Vrachnas' class will line up outside at the main entrance doors.

1 Class - Mrs. Lores' class will line up outside the doors at the end of the first-grade hallway.

On Tuesday, May 26th

4th and 5th Grade Pickup

Fourth Grade Pickup 11:30-1:00 (2 Staff helpers)

1 Class - Mrs. Boyd's class will line up outside of the Main entrance doors.

1 Class - Mrs. Smith's class will line up outside of the K playground doors.

Fifth Grade Pickup 1:30?3:00 Tuesday, May 26th (2 Staff helpers)

1 Class - Mrs. Vogel's Class line up outside of the K Playground doors.

1 Class - Mrs. Dillon's Class will line up outside of the Main entrance doors.


Security will put out cones to mark safe distancing

Security will make sure no one lingers or gathers

**Please bring back any library books and drop them in the bin near the main entrance.

**If you have any school textbooks that need to be returned, please drop those in the box that will be labeled other items to return, near the main entrance.

Monday, May 4th, 2020


This is Mrs. Anspach, principal of Lee Road. Please read this message in its entirety as I have important information to share. As you may have heard, Governor Cuomo has extended the closure of schools through the end of the school year. Please know that we are developing plans for allowing students the opportunity to pick up their personal belongings. I will reach out to you as soon as that schedule is in place.

The teachers and I are excited to let you know that we will be starting some live hours through the use of ZOOM. This week your child's teacher will set up two Zoom sessions. Next week, the week of May 11th, the teachers will have a schedule of their Zoom sessions. Please note that teachers have a schedule that they must follow to allow the opportunity for all students to have access to live hours. The week of May 18th, teachers will have a schedule with 1 office session in place. Your child's teacher will explain more bout this when they see each other on ZOOM.

To learn more about Zoom and to read about student and parent expectations, please visit the Levittown homepage and click on the Cornoavirus Resource link. Please remember that live hours are for the students. If a parent has a question, please email the teacher directly or message them through Edmodo. Please continue to check Edmodo daily for lessons and upcoming Zoom sessions.

I look forward to hearing your positive comments! I miss everyone and hope that you are able to enjoy the nice weather that we have been having!

Jami Anspach
Principal of Lee Road

Thursday, April 9th, 2020

Hello Lee Road Families,

I would like to thank all of our families for working so hard on schoolwork and beyond! Please join me in thanking all of the front-line workers out there! Please watch this video, "Thank U Frontline" by Chris Mann, and then send me a link to a video of yourself, thanking front-line workers. This could be friends and family that you know are front-line workers or any front-line workers! I want to send our love and appreciation for all that they do! Thank you and I look forward to seeing your videos as I am sure the front-line workers will as well!

Miss you all very much!
Jami Anspach, Principal


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