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Wednesday, Apr. 24, 2019
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Lee Road Kindergartners Dive Into Weather

December 05, 2018

Lee Road Kindergartners Dive Into Weather - image001
Lee Road Elementary School kindergartners in Rochelle Cascio's class visited the Outdoor Learning Center at the Levittown Memorial Education Center on Nov. 27 to further their knowledge on weather. Kindergarten students from each of the six elementary schools in the district have been visiting the Outdoor Learning Center during this time of year as part of their science curriculum.

Facilitated by Outdoor Learning Center teacher Jessica Mills, the class explored the five senses in correlation to the weather outside and learned how to use various weather tools. Each students received a weather packet where they practiced their writing skills and wrote about the five senses, including how the weather outside made them feel. Ms. Mills explained to the class the purpose of a thermometer and how to read it. Each student read their own thermometer at their tables and recorded their results. The class also learned about a barometer which measures atmospheric pressure.

Students put on their winter coats, hats and gloves as they ventured into the courtyard of the Outdoor Learning Center to further explore the space and the weather. Ms. Mills showed students how to read a rain gauge and how a weather vane works. The class also walked through the greenhouse where Ms. Mills spoke about the different fruits and vegetables grown during the year. Before going back into the classroom, the students visited the pond in the courtyard and pointed out the fish as they searched for frogs.

Kindergartners from Northside Elementary School and Summit Lane Elementary School will be visiting the Outdoor Learning Center in the coming weeks.

Lee Road Kindergartners Dive Into Weather - image002
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