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Sunday, Jun. 16, 2019
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Lee Road Students Learn the Power of their Character

November 06, 2018

Lee Road Students Learn the Power of their Character - image001
In honor of the Levittown Public Schools' Levittown Education Against Destructive Decisions week, Lee Road Elementary School students recently enjoyed the "Omegaman and Friends" assembly, an anti-bullying and character development program that teaches students to be an upstander and a positive member of the community.

The engaging assembly featured a superhero named Omegaman, played by Marc Wilkes, who snapped a baseball bat over his leg, ripped a phonebook in two and bent steel in his teeth. These feats of strength were used as object lessons that encouraged the students to make positive choices and follow their dreams. Students were encouraged to live a life of excellence and be the best that they can be, channeling the HERO motto of Helping Everyone Respect Others.

Omegaman also shared his personal experience of being bullied as a youth because of his stutter. He discouraged the students from being a bully or bystander and promoted the school's Get A Voice message of standing up for yourself and school community.


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