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Wednesday, Jun. 19, 2019
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Third Grade Wax Museum Trip
Third Grade Wax Museum Trip


Lee Road Students Bring History to Life

June 08, 2018

Lee Road Students Bring History to Life - image001
Third-graders at Lee Road Elementary School channeled famous figures from throughout history during their 2018 Third-Grade Wax Museum on May 31. Students in Melanie Anderson and Kristine Boyd's classes had the opportunity to select a famous person from history and learn about their individual's lives through an in-class biography project.

During their research process, the students utilized books, internet resources, videos and magazines. They also read, took notes, gathered and synthesized information. Showcasing what they had learned, the classes invited family members to their wax museum where they dressed and posed like their famous individual. They also shared their display boards which featured a hand-drawn photo of their researched individual and technology-based elements. Technology played a large role in the project as students created 10 interesting facts using Microsoft Word, typed a poem, brainstormed a concept web using the program Kidspiration, inferred character traits and learned how to write the traits in WordArt. In addition, the students sequenced the events of their individual's life using the program Timeliner.

Lee Road Students Bring History to Life - image002
The third-graders acquired these new technology skills with the help of classroom teachers, computer teacher Arlene Zabatta and by working independently and with their peers on computers, laptops and I-pads. After the students synthesized their research, they were challenged to write a speech from the point of view of their individual of study. Many memorized their speeches which family members heard by tapping the student on the shoulder during their visit to the museum.

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