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Thursday, May. 23, 2019
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GC Tech English + Culinary Arts = Culinary Magic

March 04, 2019

GC Tech English + Culinary Arts = Culinary Magic - image001
The GC Tech Culinary Arts students alongside Chef Lauren Reganato and English teacher Kristina Cuomo bridged the gap between two disciplines of study. An English research project was assigned to the senior culinary students. The project asked each student to research an innovative topic in the Culinary Arts industry and present their findings to the class. After students presented, they had opportunity to delve further into their research by preparing the food or practicing the technique in the kitchen. Student topics included ancient grains, matcha tea, new cuts of beef, cheese tea, meal kits, Gastronomy (spherification), kale, and Yoshuko, a Japanese cuisine. So, students worked together combining their topics to create various recipes such as kale chips, vegetarian tostadas using quinoa, cheese tea, jasmine, honey matcha tea, chocolate milk spheres, Shakshuka, and a Yoshuko, a Japanese dish (combining a petite filet with a soy marinade). As a result of the combined efforts between English and Culinary Arts, the senior students witnessed the importance of research and communication all while tasting their amazing dishes!

GC Tech English + Culinary Arts = Culinary Magic - image002
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