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GC Tech Students Showcase Their Skills

February 14, 2018

Students at Gerald R. Claps Career and Technical Center gathered for an evening of healthy competition during the school's annual student competition on Feb. 8 at the Levittown Memorial Education Center. Administrators, staff and families watched as students put their talents on full display by demonstrating their acquired skills for attendees, including potential employers and colleges.

GC Tech is a unique school program dedicated to teaching comprehensive career and technical skills, along with qualifying academics, for students enrolled in the Levittown Public Schools and neighboring districts. The program offers courses in the areas of automotive technology, computer animation, construction management, cosmetology, culinary arts, electrical technology, graphic arts/printing, landscape design and management, medical assisting and police science/EMT.

Throughout the showcase, students competed in the areas of automotive technology, 3-D visualization and animation, commercial baking, cosmetology, criminal justice, culinary arts, electrical technology, fantasy hairstyling, first aid/CPR, food preparation assistant, graphic arts, job demonstration, job interview, junior evening hairstyling, medical assisting, police science, senior evening hairstyling and senior nail art.

Congratulations to the following winners!

3D Visualization & Animation Team
1. Brendan Birnbaum (MacArthur HS)
1. Alexander Kowalski (MacArthur HS)
2. Kevin Keane (MacArthur HS)
2. William Marshall (Plainedge SR HS)
3. Nicholas Brown (Division Avenue HS)
3. Zachary Schmidt (Division Avenue HS)

Automotive Technology - Junior
1. Michael Brathwaite (Division Avenue HS)
2. Robert Mayer (MacArthur HS)
3. Joseph Vicale (Plainedge SR HS)

Automotive Technology - Senior
1. Connor Centonze (Division Avenue HS)
2. Rahul Mathura (Division Avenue HS)
3. James Soldo (Plainedge SR HS)

Commercial Baking
1. Hailey Hegdahl (MacArthur HS)
2. Julia Davie (MacArthur HS)
3. Nicole Fleming (MacArthur HS)

Culinary Arts
1.Trevor Williams (Division Avenue HS)
2.Samantha Lopez (MacArthur HS)
3.Fernando Delacruz (Division Avenue HS)

Food Preparation Assistant
1.Marvin Guevara (EM/W. Tresper Clarke HS)
2.Bianca Mersten (MacArthur HS)
3.Oscar Martinez (MacArthur HS)

Residential Wiring - Junior
1. Dillon Sudweeks (Division Avenue HS)
2. Kevin O'Shea (MacArthur HS)
3. Zachary Martin (Division Avenue HS)

Residential Wiring - Senior
1.Matthew Camisa (Massapequa HS)
2.Mateo Calderon (MacArthur HS)
3.Gregory McNally (Wantagh HS)

Job Interview
1. Christian Hernandez (MacArthur HS)
2.Brandon Imasa (Division Avenue HS)
3.Lyna Benhammou (Division Avenue HS)

Job Demonstration/Action Skills
1. Megan Opallo (MacArthur HS)
2. Benjamin Goldfeder (Division Avenue HS)
3. Jonathan Fiorello (MacArthur HS)

Junior Evening Hairstyling
1. Gina-Marie Larosa (Wantagh HS)
2. Hunter Bedard (Bethpage HS)
3. Ruby Hogan (MacArthur HS)

Senior Evening Hairstyling
1.Grace Medina (MacArthur HS)
2.Micaela Muller (Division Avenue HS)
3.Brianna Cipione (Massapequa HS)

Fantasy Hairstyling
1.Hailey Tarnagorski (Plainedge SR HS)
2. Rocio Saenz (Division Avenue HS)
3. Makayla Geoghegan (East Meadow HS)

Senior Nail Art
1.Ryan Habig (Massapequa HS)
2.Brianna Elardo (Bethpage HS)
3.Brianna Cipione (Massapequa HS)

Medical Assisting
1.Lyna Benhammou (Division Avenue HS)
2.Alyssa Lopes (MacArthur HS)
3.Ely Benitez (Massapequa HS)

Police Science Skills
1. Alyssa Wheat (MacArthur HS)
2. Bryan Kavanagh (Division Avenue HS)
3. Matthew Soto (MacArthur HS)

First Aide/CPR
1.Alyssa Wheat (MacArthur HS)
2.Katherine Inglese (MacArthur HS)
3.Ryan Kushner (Wantagh HS)


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