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Medical Assisting and Police Science/EMT Students Dissect a Deer Heart at GC Tech
December 16, 2016

Students also received firsthand experience in body substance isolation and personal hygiene.
cGC Tech's Medical Assisting and Police Science/ EMT students participated in the dissection of a fresh deer heart as a part of their Anatomy and Physiology curriculum. Both program teachers were able to dissect the heart in front of both their morning and afternoon students to showcase the comparison of a deer heart to a human heart.

Some students bravely assisted the teachers in the demonstration. The Police Science/EMT and the Medical Assisting instructors examined the heart and a set of lungs to study how anatomy, such as the aorta and pulmonary arteries, are similar to those of a human. The heart and lungs were passed around so students had the opportunity to feel and observe the various parts of the organs.

Students using a bag, valve, mask device (BVM) to ventilate the lungs. Students were able to observe the lungs inflate and deflate.