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Tuesday, Mar. 19, 2019
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Candy Corn Science at Gardiners Ave.

October 16, 2018

Candy Corn Science at Gardiners Ave. - image001
Students in Mrs. Suriano's 1st grade class conducted a science experiment with candy corn! Students had to make predictions, observations, draw conclusions and document their findings by drawing pictures in a Science Investigations packet. The students discovered that a candy corn sheds its waxy coating in water, salt water, vinegar, and water with baking soda, but the candy corn in the vinegar made it shed the quickest. After the experiment was over, students had the opportunity to practice their fine motor skills by ripping small pieces of paper and making their own candy corn person to hang in our classroom!

Students in Photos: Nicolina Colucci (pictured alone) and Chloe Calixto and Nicolette Sabbagh (pictured together)

Candy Corn Science at Gardiners Ave. - image002
Candy Corn Science at Gardiners Ave. - image003
Candy Corn Science at Gardiners Ave. - image004


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