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Thursday, May. 23, 2019
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Quails Grow at Gardiners

June 18, 2018

Quails Grow at Gardiners - image001
Students in Mrs. Alt's 3rd grade class at Gardiners Avenue School participated in the Quail Pilot Program thanks to the planning and hard work of Jessica Mills from the Outdoor Learning Center at LMEC. Students observed the embryos as they developed through a process called candling (done with a flashlight nowadays), and were completely mesmerized as they saw the eggs hatch on May 25th. For the past 2 weeks, students closely observed these adorable chicks as they tripled in size (yes, they were gifted eaters), grew feathers, and began to fly. The chicks are now living (happily we are sure) at the preserve in Seatuck, East Islip. We miss them terribly, but many of us plan on visiting them over the summer.

Quails Grow at Gardiners - image002
Quails Grow at Gardiners - image003


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