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Gardiners Ave. Elementary School


Fourth Grade STEAM at Gardiners Ave.

November 06, 2017

Fourth Grade STEAM at Gardiners Ave. - image001Ms. Poulos and Ms. Porr's fourth grade students participated in a STEAM activity which involved creating science mobiles using the engineering process. The focus of this experiment involved students working cooperatively within their assigned groups to imagine, plan and create a mobile that could balance using chopsticks, string, tape and patterns. Within the group, students had to explain their ideas and plan for constructing a mobile with the materials provided. They had to come to an agreement of which design was best to follow and create it. The groups had to think of how balance could be achieved using the materials. Students were given 25 minutes to create and discuss the outcome of the challenge. Most groups used creativity/imagination and they all succeeded in this challenge. Other groups needed to reflect on what went wrong and think of how to improve their design. It was important for all groups, however, to reflect on what went right and what went wrong during this learning process.

Fourth Grade STEAM at Gardiners Ave. - image002Fourth Grade STEAM at Gardiners Ave. - image003


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