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2017-2018 Gardiners Avenue News

Student Author Returns to Elementary School to Share StoryStudent Author Returns to Elementary School to Share Story

MacArthur High School senior Sydney Schneider walked the halls of her former elementary school, Gardiners Avenue Elementary School, on Nov. 3, no longer a young student but a published author.

LEADD to the Right Choice at Gardiners Ave.LEADD to the Right Choice at Gardiners Ave.

In honor of LEADD week, students at Gardiners Avenue School attended the program "The Right Choice."

SPOOKtacular Stories at Gardiners Ave.SPOOKtacular Stories at Gardiners Ave.

Like autumn leaves in the breeze, the students at Gardiners Avenue have been falling into great books!

Pumpkin Scientists at Gardiners Ave.Pumpkin Scientists at Gardiners Ave.

After a fun visit to White Post Farms, students in Mrs. Farley's 1st grade class became scientists and conducted a "Pumpkin Investigation".

Gardiners Ave. Students Visit the Outdoor Learning CenterGardiners Ave. Students Visit the Outdoor Learning Center

The Second Grade students at Gardiner's Avenue have been off to a great start! We went on our first trip to the Outdoor Learning Center at Levittown Memorial.

Fourth Grade STEAM at Gardiners Ave.Fourth Grade STEAM at Gardiners Ave.

Ms. Poulos and Ms. Porr's fourth grade students participated in a STEAM activity which involved creating science mobiles using the engineering process.

Exploring the World of Virtual RealityExploring the World of Virtual Reality

Fifth-graders at Gardiners Avenue Elementary School received a visit from representatives of the education learning platform, zSpace on Oct. 20.

Teaching Teddy Day at Gardiners Ave.Teaching Teddy Day at Gardiners Ave.

The students in Ms. Furlong's class had a special day of fun, learning, and teaching! Each student received a bear to spend the day with. The students were responsible for teaching the topics of the day to their cubs.

Gardiners Ave. Students Visit Old Bethpage Restoration VillageGardiners Ave. Students Visit Old Bethpage Restoration Village

Kindergarten classes visited Old Bethpage Restoration Village farms in October. The students learned about farming practices. We met some chickens and saw their eggs!

Super Readers at Gardiners Ave.Super Readers at Gardiners Ave.

The students are adjusting well to the new school year. They are working on strengthening their reading and writing skills. The students set reading goals to become "Super Readers."

Literacy Center at Gardiners Ave.Literacy Center at Gardiners Ave.

Welcome Back! We are in the 7th year of the Literacy Center program. The goal of the Literacy Center is to enhance literacy instruction in grades K-4.

Buddy Readers at Gardiners Ave.Buddy Readers at Gardiners Ave.

This year, Mrs. Grams' room of 5th graders is getting ready to teach their buddy readers who are in Mrs. Furlong's class. The children are planning their Shared Reading Lesson.

Gardiners Ave. Students Participate in Place Value CentersGardiners Ave. Students Participate in Place Value Centers

During the month of September, the fourth graders in Ms. Borst's class participated in place value centers. The children used manipulatives such as base ten blocks to improve their math skills.

Gardiners Ave. Kindergartners Study ApplesGardiners Ave. Kindergartners Study Apples

During the month of September, the kindergarten students at Gardiners Avenue School were engaged in numerous activities for a unit of study on apples.

Third Grade Stacked Them Up!Third Grade Stacked Them Up!

Welcome Back! The third grade started school with a fun and exciting STEAM Activity. They worked cooperatively and Stacked Them Up!

Positive Mindset in Second GradePositive Mindset in Second Grade

Our second grade class is starting the year off positively. The children have been involved in many activities to promote a positive growth mindset.

Shadows at GardinersShadows at Gardiners

Students in Ms. Vining's first grade class are enjoying the beautiful weather while learning about light, shadows, and how the Earth moves. Students worked cooperatively with partners to trace their shadows three times while standing in the same spot; once in the morning, noon, and later in the afternoon.


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